Do you tattoo?

Not as in do you create tattoos for other people, but have you gotten a tattoo somewhere on your own anatomy?

Now that tattoos have moved to the mainstream, this is not an odd question, though personal observation indicates there’s quite a spread in demographics on the…

Loads of bulls. Loads and loads of very large bulls.

What’s with Spain’s huge roadside bulls? Surely it has something to do with bullfighting?

Well, no. The bull silhouettes started as roadside advertising for brandy. …

It’s probably the most universal of Spain’s traditional cuisine, a perfect example of simple ingredients that together add up to much more than you would expect. Available everywhere, cheap, and when it’s good, you can’t ask for a better fast and filling meal.

In case you haven’t guessed, we’re talking…

Anne Pinder

Longtime expat in Spain, still identifying Iowan. Hiker, cyclist, reader. Bloggish at Newsletter at https://diverge.substack

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